Frequently Asked Questions...




What is the Date of the next SIERRA SAFARI event?                                October 5th-8th 2017. This is the first weekend of October. Check-in is Thursday. There will be 3 days of riding... Friday, Saturday , and Sunday. Sunday is typically a shorter day of riding in order to give those riders returning home plenty of time. There is an optional stay for Sunday night (see entry form).

How do I Sign Up to attend this event?
You may submit your entry now by using a credit card online or by calling Julie at (661) 645.2324. Another method is by Mailing your entry with check, money order, or c/c info before 09/25/17.

What is Included with my Paid Entry? 
An awesome weekend with 3 days on the trail covering 250+ miles of spectacular trails!! Commemorative Gifts, 3 Nights Lodging (Based on Double Occupancy: Thurs- Mammoth, Fri & Sat- Hawthorne), Trail Fuel Friday & Sunday, Breakfast every morning, Friday Trail Lunch, Friday Dinner and the Saturday night Banquet Dinner!!

How many Miles should I expect each day?
Each day the complete mileage should total close to 120 miles.  All vehicles must begin each day's riding with a FULL tank of fuel...
Plan to ride 60-70 miles between fueling locations.

I am planning on Attending Alone, and would prefer Rooming Alone. How Can I do this and is there an Additional Fee?
Yes, we do try to accommodate riders attending who wish to room alone. This is something that we can offer depending on the time of entry and hotel availability. See the entry form for pricing.

What type of rider or Emergency Support is available?
There are support riders throughout the course equipped with Hand Radios, Satellite Phones and Cell Phones. Each support rider carries a list of emergency contacts for each rider, along with phone numbers for every local Emergency Service.

What type of Weather and Trail Conditions should I expect?
Every Sierra Safari has proved to introduce new weather conditions each year! Expect the unexpected! In past fall events, we have encountered Crisp Blue Skies, Rain, Sleet, and Snow! And to be honest, summer rides offers the same conditions! You just never know what the man upstairs will put in your path! Terrain conditions vary dependent on the weather as well. You can count on beautiful wooded sights, high mountaintops, rocky challenges, and wet stream crossings. No one will soon forget the "Snow-Fari" of 2008... Check out the Photo Album!!

How important is my own Trail Vehicle Liability Insurance?
It is extremely important whether you are on an organized event or not to carry Vehicle Liability Ins. Although we do carry event insurance of our own, it would not cover you personally in the rare instance of injury not only to yourself but also to another participant. We require that every rider show current proof of insurance naming them and the vehicle they are riding. This is an important safety net for all off-road enthusiasts.