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Bruce Watanabe of Newport, Oregon wrote:                                         This year will be my fourth Sierra Safari in five years. The only reason I missed the 29th edition was because my wife delivered my first son a week prior. It just didn't seem right to leave her after a gift like that. But I did vow not to miss the 30th running of this epic, must attend event.

Each year it becomes more and more like a reunion of dirt bike buddies getting together. Julie and her team checks you in and asks about the family (what a memory!). Everyone checking out the new and old (Bob?) equipment the eve of the ride in Mammoth. Getting pysched as all the a hundred bikes fire up simultaneously every morning. Pounding through the rock gardens and going over the Sierras to our little oasis in Hawthorne. Cold beers poolside whilst, inevitbly, some unforturnate comrade is trying to rebuild a clutch or tranny with a dozen 'adivsors' from team Anheuser Busch. Good thing Chris Real from Chem help/HRCA is available to provide some real advice and assistance. Then it's on to the Casino for some chow and "just a few" (Jon?) cocktails.

Regardless of how many drinks we had the night before, the Red Riders are up at the crack of dawn gearing up for another epic day of well marked trails to Bridgeport and Bodie. And, if you're feeling a little wiped out from Friday's ride you could even take the 'B' loop (Simon?). Hopefully, there are no injuries, but with a 100 plus riders someone is likely to have something happen. Not to worry, Dick's team is there to SAG you back to the hotel in time to tell your war story at the Banquet that evening. Hell, he may even give you a T-shirt if it's the most entertaining.

Sunday it's a fast ride (bring the warm gloves) across the dry lake and then moto style through the forest back to Mammoth for a chili dog and coke. Then for us Oregon Boyz, it's a fourteen hour trucker style jam back to the Pacific Northwest.

...so, if you don't go you won't know what you're missing. But you can bet that I will be there as long as Dick keeps running this epic event.

~ Hey Bruce, you trying to "suck up" to get more drink tickets at the banquet?                   Just kiddin' always a pleasure to have you & your buddies... see you soon!!


Bruce Watanabe from Newport, OR wrote:                                          "08 Snowfari... Day three was epic with the snow roost and all. Dick, great job on making it happen- we will be talking about this ride for another thirty!"     

~ Hey Bruce~ Have any new Aquaman footage to share?? No longer will Simon be Simon!!


John Davis from Santa Clarita, CA wrote:                                     "Thanks for the great times last weekend! I am about half thawed out...
I can't believe it is over already. You folks are the best.                              See ya next year!"                                                       

~ John~ Glad you made it, don't worry... you'll warm up eventually!!


Mike Duff from Sylmar, CA wrote:                                                            "I wasn’t able to thank everyone personally. You all put on the best event I have ever been on. Please thank all the support people for me. I can’t wait until next year. Thanks again, Cheers"       

~ Hey Mike~ you are welcome, it's our pleasure!!


Mark G. wrote:                                                                                   "Had a great time on the ride this weekend, thanks for all of your work"        

~ Thanks Mark~ we had fun too!


EMrider of Pasadena, CA wrote:                                                            "Some riders get their jollies with racing and speed. Not me, because I think the risk of injury is too high. I prefer slow technical stuff and long rides in remote areas. For that, you really need a reliable bike more than top performance. Of course any sort of riding is risky, but I try and control what I can. Not sure when I'll hit Baja again, but will be riding Dick Allen's Sierra Safari in October. IMHO that is the best organized off road ride I've ever done."

~ Thanks for the high-five EMrider... Hope to see ya again in the Fall!!                             You're on of those "Orange Guy's" Right?


Tim Lamers of Minnesota wrote:                                           "Experiencing a great California dirt bike ride is easy to do. Experiencing a three-day trek across the Sierra Mountains is an adventure that every passionate dirt bike rider should experience. Covering 350 miles on Honda CRFs and XRs with support of the HRCA and Dick Allen's Sierra Safari staff makes the experience a lasting memory.

Starting off with a police escort through Mammoth Lakes, California and ending the day at a hotel in Hawthorne, Nevada could be a complete story by itself. The well-marked trails provided a scenic adventure to the gas truck located at mile marker 75. Later, a tent and enclosed trailer provided a little rest and great food that was handmade by the Sierra Safari. With more dusty desert trail at our fingertips, finishing our first day route after another 50 miles was breathtaking.

The HRCA was fully prepared to handle the unexpected in Hawthorne, Nevada. HRCA Partner Chris Real was ready to assist any dirt bike rider with Honda Pro chemicals, a fully loaded tool box, compressed air and air filter cleaning supplies. Plus HRCA wanted to keep the environment clean by disposing of any old chemicals that we created. HRCA members received special treatment of fine tuning suspensions and free inner tubes if you were an unlucky rider that hit one of those sharp stones. Chris also provided free sound testing that created a friendly peer pressure environment for the riders who were above the legal sound limits.

Saturday morning started off with a different gait. The majority of riders were not as nimble getting the bikes started due to muscle soreness from the previous day of riding. Although after hearing approximately 100 dirt bikes start, muscles soreness didn't seem to be a problem for the rest of the riders. A relaxed ride provided several photo opportunities of the Honda dirt bikes in their element. In addition some rest breaks allowed for story swapping. Lunch was located at Bridgeport, California and a stop by the ghost town in Bodie, California allowed us time to think about what people did before dirt bikes; some questions will never be answered. Finishing the day's ride at the same hotel in Hawthorne allowed for a banquet dinner and some well needed rest for Sunday's trip back.

Like all good things that are appreciated, the journey must end. Reaching Mammoth Lakes on Sunday was challenging with the fast-paced logging roads and endless miles of jeep trails. Even though the showers provided a clean fresh trip home, the drive made me want to stop and continue exploring the other side of the mountain on my Honda. A special thanks to HRCA's assistance and Dick Allen's Sierra Safari." 

~ Tim, it sure was great having you join us all the way from Minnesota...                       Thanks for your "Roaring Review"!!


Don Titus wrote:                                                                                    I just wanted to drop you note of appreciation… Chris and I had a great time on the ride this year and really appreciate all of your efforts and kindness…
It was a lot of fun and we hope to make it again next year!      

~ Don & Chris~ Beleive it or not, we are having just as much fun as you all!!