Our Support Staff...

MOTORCYCLE TRAILS... October 5th-8th 2017... RIDE 3 DAYS!!!


Our family style hospitality with a full support of staff riders around every corner, both on and off the trail... will make sure you have a safe as well as an enjoyable weekend!!

Dick Allen ("Head Honcho") of Castaic, CA (mail to: sierrasafari@aol.com)

Janet Allen ("Hall Pass Distributer") of Castaic, CA

Benjamin Allen ("Resident Motorcycle Enthusiast") of Mesa, AZ

Julie Behrens ("Little Honcho") of Valencia, CA (mail to: sierrasafari@aol.com)

Dean Cognito (Technical Inspection/Trail Safety) of Long Beach, CA (mail to: dcognito@hotmail.com)

Carol Cognito ("Hall Pass Distributer") of Long Beach, CA

Jim Townsend (Trail Safety) of Orange, CA

Margaret Townsend (Registration/Trail Lunch) of Orange, CA

Mike Deley (Trail Safety) of Lake Elsinore, CA

Randy Hettema (Trail Safety) of Middleton, ID

Mike Gaynor (Trail Safety) of Bass Lake, CA

Shawnessy Gaynor (Registration/Trail Lunch) of Bass Lake, CA

 Jeff Preach (Trail Safety) of Castaic, CA

Dave Ailman (Trail Safety) of Santa Clarita, CA

Jim Harkins (Trail Safety) of Santa Clarita, CA

Doug Drussel (Trail Safety) of Sedalia, CO

Vic Salls (Trail Safety) of Cheney, WA

Justin Salls (Trail Safety) of Puyallup, WA

Debbie Salls (Registration/Trail Lunch) of Cheney, WA